Founded in 1973, KDF is an award winning design firm that is committed to providing great design. Working in both the Northwest and Internationally, KDF excels in healthcare, cultural, educational, and residential projects.

More than just an award winning firm, we are a team. We play together, work late together, teach each other, learn from each other, and most importantly work well together.

The phrase "Good Design is a Successful Collaboration" reflects our belief that it takes a community of people to identify, develop, and implement an innovative solution. Following a process of exploration and discovery, the community blends ideas about place, light, texture, and form with the functional requirements of the program. The community then uses their combined experience and evidence-based research as the metric to sort and refine their design.

We believe that Architects make great advocates and activists. To that end, we encourage our staff to get involved and use their insights, training, and experience to shape our communities. Taking leadership roles in community organizations, non-profits, and professional organizations, our staff is actively engaged in improving the quality of our lives.

Just as we take great pride in helping to shape our community, we believe that great design takes the involvement of a community. A community of end-users, clients, designers, engineers, and contractors who share a vision and are driven to find, develop, and build successful solutions.

Some of our recent community projects include:

We are improving the living standards of communities around the world through the positive impact of good design. Faster healing times, improved learning and better communication are just a few of the benefits that research attributes to good design. We have a long history of creating award winning healthcare, educational, and community facilities. We have applied our success to finding innovative design solutions for communities in need. Working with organizations such as Project Mercy, these projects improve the lives of the people in these communities, and more importantly improve our understanding and strengthen our compassion for all the cultures and people involved.

Rod Knipper oversees Master Planning and project design for KDF Architecture. His talent to create innovative design solutions comes with more than 38 years of experience.
With more than 20 years of experience as a Project Manager, Dennis Dean is responsible for team management and project coordination. He is exceptionally thorough in keeping projects on time and within budget.
Straight forward and honest, Brian Andringa's effective communication style inspires trust and confidence in owners, local and state agencies, consulting engineers and contractors. His attention to detail is an asset when overseeing all aspects of design.
Associates & Project Managers
Ken Camarata, Associate, AIA
Believing that Architects can have a positive impact on people's lives, Ken has been with KDF for over 10 years where he has worked on a variety of healthcare, educational, and craft beverage projects. Ken places high value on leadership within the profession and our communities which can be seen through his involvement with the Board of Directors for the AIA Central Washington chapter, the Ellensburg Downtown Association's Design Committee, and Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.
Erik Dodge, Associate, CSBA, LEED-AP
Erik takes a critical eye to each project he manages to make sure it meets the requirements of the client. His approachable attitude and attention to detail makes him a great addition to any project, while his professional experience makes him an indispensable team member.
Ryan Pharmer, Associate, AIA
Ryan is an Architect with experience in both the Healthcare and Education markets. He is attracted to the design process and enjoys traveling as a way to engage with new and interesting built environments. Dedicated to transforming the occupant's experience, his attention to detail and deep technical understanding helps him deliver successful projects. Ryan is also actively involved in the Central Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and helps guide local youth that are interested in Architecture by serving on the Eisenhower/Davis High School Drafting/Architecture Advisory Committee.
Randy Anderson, Architect, AIA
Listening carefully, and understanding the goals and needs of his clients is the foundation that Randy has used for success. Through the process of working with his clients, Randy develops insight into their needs, and helps their projects reflect their unique goals and character.

Interests: Golf & Homebrewing